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Customer Guarantee

Em Paks™ is always trying to help our customers make the correct choices when making their preparedness plans and extensive research has made the best Paks available to you.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in all our work.

Em Paks™ believes every individual should be prepared for basic survival first and comfort second when an event occurs.  Emergency can be defined as an unusual event in your life. Everyone has a different perception of what an emergency is. A seasoned rescue worker may see a motor vehicle collision as a rescue call for which they are trained to handle as part of their job. Whereas the person involved in the motor vehicle collision has an entirely different perception. 

Depending on your locality, you might experience extended power outages, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, blizzards or earthquakes.  This is the short list. Natural and man-made events are becoming more and more frequent because of a variety of causes including changes in our environment, weather, demographics, and politics.  Living in a well-prepared and knowledgeable community whose members can help themselves and others for basic needs is a great start.  During these challenging times, the combined knowledge base of your community will enable the Emergency Management System [Fire, Rescue, Police and Search and Rescue organizations] to properly triage or prioritize their responses.  This leaves the EMS to assist those in real danger. Unfortunately, many times, the EMS is distracted by those who request help because they think they need it or more often need help because they failed to take care of their basic preparedness needs.   

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