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About Us

Linda Uihlein, Founder and President of Em Paks™ has resided in Virginia since 1980. Linda has extensive experience as a volunteer Emergency Technician and works in Canine Search and Rescue. Her interests in learning, adventure, medicine, psychology and nature and this coupled with her entrepreneurial vision and experience in the rescue community initiated the creation of Em Paks™ in 2004. 

Since 1980 Linda has given her time and energy to the volunteer emergency medical community. In addition, she is a Life Member of the Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company (www.earlysvillefire.org), a member of the Virginia Medical Task Force and sits on tow national Search and Rescue Canine Boards. Linda is a member of several national organizations and has served on many committees. She has dedicated her life to emergency medical work and rescue and continues her education in these areas of expertise.

Over the last 30 years, Linda has taught a variety of safety and outdoor skills from Scouts and schools to churches groups throughout the country. She has also participated in multiple searches. Linda believes that sharing her knowledge, experience and best practices will help citizens in the community be prepared for an emergency. Em Paks™ has developed custom Paks™ to increase personal comfort, safety and survival during an emergency situation. Preparedness will help you whether at home, in the office, hiking, boating and general activities. 

Em Paks™ LLC
PO Box 248
Free Union, VA 22940
W: 434-979-PAKS (434-979-7257)
O: 434-973-6015
Email: linda@empaks.com
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