Em Paks™ 
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Mission Statement

Em Paks™ assembles each Pak with high quality, field-tested products, equipping you with specific tools and necessities if an emergency arises. Em Paks™ continually develops and produces Custom Paks to fulfill your needs in a variety of situations. Some Paks are assembled for specific locations and anticipated emergency types. 
Em Paks™ mission is to provide high quality, field-tested Emergency Preparedness Paks and Educational tips to citizens to help one prepare for emergency situations. We are dedicated to service your community and make every effort to sell products that are made and assembled in the United States. We are strong believers in keeping our jobs at home.

Em Paks™ LLC
PO Box 248
Free Union, VA 22940
W: 434-979-PAKS (434-979-7257)
O: 434-973-6015
Email: linda@empaks.com

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