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What is preparedness?

Preparedness is taking the steps to learn skills and related knowledge, create an available safe location [storm shelter or neighborhood storm shelter, and stock survival supplies. It is also a state of mind. The added knowledge and skills give you the confidence to make the correct choices when needed. Your mind is your greatest survival tool. But, you have to train your mind properly. 

Not every event is survivable but these are the less common events. Most of our emergencies are the survivable ones. Power outages are regular events in our area but miles away this is a rare event Tornadoes are common in the Midwest and more common in particular areas. In these areas a storm shelter is a must. The mobile home dweller is in more danger and therefore is in a higher risk environment just by the fact of occupying a mobile home during a tornado outbreak. If you are in the area during a tornado having an underground secure shelter and supplies is planning ahead. Supplies will be in short supply or none at all after the initial event. You may be on your own for days or weeks. 

The 911 system, state and federal help was advertised as being available in all emergencies and many people depended on these to help them, no matter what was happening. Now this dependency on outside government resources has come back to haunt our country and especially the ones that needed it. It pays to be prepared. Depend on your preparations and feel comforted that you can take successfully care of your family.

How can Em Paks™ help you with preparedness?

Em Paks™ knows how important it is to develop a plan and assemble an emergency preparedness pack, but what and where to buy can be an overwhelming and very time consuming experience.  Being prepared for an emergency is essential for you, your families, and neighbor’s safety and comfort.

Em Paks™ has the experience of recognizing what is needed and what is not. We did the research, tested and use most of the products and we did the shopping for the best quality supplies at the best prices for you.  Most of the items in our Paks are made in USA. We attend the Outdoor Retailers Market to find and learn about new 

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